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Thank you for making mum’s birthday extra special!


We loved the Singing, thanks for allowing us to join the entertainers with mum.


So nice to be able to sit outside in this wonderful weather.


Just to say the children and mum had a lovely hour’s visit. She was full of questions for them, and they spoke well through microphone and held her hand. Good for everyone, thanks so much.


Everything about your care is amazing and you should be immensely proud that your reputation sings loudly outside the walls of the home.


As always – so appreciate this when I know you have so many residents to look after. Thanks again.


What a lovely photo and so good to see Mum outside enjoying the lovely weather.


Thanks for everything you are doing. Dad is incredibly lucky to have your support, as are we.


Many thanks I really appreciate all your efforts! What lovely people you are!


Thank you so much for printing off the letters, pictures and reading them to my uncle.


I cannot thank you all enough for the awesome job everyone does.


Best regards, with many thanks to you and the entire team.


Thank you so much, that worked well. It was so good to see Great Grandma, she seems in good spirits.


Thank you for all you and the rest of the staff at the Care Centre have and are doing to keep Mum and the other residents cared for and safe.


You are all doing a fantastic job!


Thank all the team for all you do.


I have no doubts that he is receiving the absolute best care.


Mum is in excellent hands, and I have peace of mind.  Please pass this on to all staff

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I would like to thank everyone working PSCC who has directly or indirectly looked after me for the last 9 months. Your constant care, kindness, encouragement, and good humour have helped me through the bad times until eventually I have gained sufficient independence to return to my own home. I will always remember you with affection and a smile.

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As always – fully supportive of your approach – we know your care is THE BEST!

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Aww thanks, for the Photographs in the newsletter – that’s lovely to see!

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