From 1927 until the present day Presentation Sisters have lived in the Convent in Chesterfield Road, Matlock and have served the people of the area and further afield in a variety of ways, just as Presentation sisters across the world have done since 1775. The Order was founded that year by a very dedicated Cork woman, Nano Nagle. She wanted to educate poor children who had no other chance of education and in a few years had established nine poor schools. She also visited and cared for poor elderly people in the city of Cork. She founded the Presentation Sisters to continue this good work after her death. She prophesied that just as the Acorn grows into an Oak Tree the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters would grow and become a worldwide Congregation bringing education to people who otherwise could not access it. This prophesy has been fulfilled and today Presentation Sisters live in community and minister in 24 countries across the world.

One of their many missions opened in 1842 when the Presentation Sisters travelled to India from Ireland to open schools, train teachers and bring healthcare to poor people.

Years later in 1919 Sister Berchmans came to Eatonfield, Liverpool from India to train young women to continue the missionary work of the sisters in India. At the request of Father Cossins the Sisters from Etonfield opened a boarding and day school for girls in Matlock and were able to purchase Chesterfield House which had been standing empty for two years. So on 24th May 1927 Reverend Mather Xavier Murphy, Mother Berchmans, Sisters Mildred and Clare took up residence in their new home Presentation Convent Matlock. Shortly afterwards the school opened with seventeen boarders.

For sixty three years until its closure in 1990 the independent Grammar school contributed to the education of many day scholars and boarders. That same year the work of the Presentation Sisters took on a new phase. It was considered fitting that the former school should be converted into a Nursing Home for sick and elderly sisters from England and the mission areas, as well for people from the local area.

The Care Centre was opened in December 1993 and today continues to provide a high standard of care in a warm, homely environment.

There has always been a very close link between the Presentation Sisters in Matlock and the missions in India, Africa and Pakistan. Over the years many young women went from the Convent in Matlock to develop and continue the mission of the Presentation Sisters in poor areas overseas. In the present time frail and elderly sisters, who spent many years on the missions doing the work begun by Nano Nagle in Cork over two hundred years ago, have returned to be cared for themselves in the warm and friendly environment of the Presentation Sisters Care Centre in picturesque Derbyshire.

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